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Berlin Theme Park

Berlin, the capital city of Germany inspires a podcast! This episode features Cody Swanson of the WeeklyEP Podcast.

Hopefully you’re into the German music featured in this episode!



40:45 Mark Forster–Ubermorgen

54:02 Paul van Dyk–Duality

1:05:12 Joachim Kuhn–Crystal Ship

1:27:06 MAXIM–Automat

1:29:55 LEA–Okay

Black Lives Matter feat. Sam Wright & Godswill Ugwa Jr.

Our most important episode is here! This is a thoughtful, optimistic, and wide ranging discussion about Black Lives Matter and our culture featuring Godswill Ugwa Jr. (Twitter) and Sam Wright (YouTube).

Music in this episode:

Keep it Real—KarpaBeats

Wake Up Everybody—Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes

I Can’t Breathe–H.E.R.

A Change is Gonna Come—Sam Cooke



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Hyrule: The Legend of Zelda Theme Park (feat. @VideoGameDoc)

Dr. Anthony Bean joins Andrew to design a next generation, interactive, and immersive Legend of Zelda Theme Park!


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Geek Therapy Training (



Chiptune Theme Park feat. @cheapshot James York

@cheapshot from the CheapBeats record label joins the podcast to design a Chiptune Theme Park! Join the process of turning this incredible music aesthetic into a visual world to explore.

This episode features a lot of music, check the transcript for track titles. Oh yeah, we have transcripts now–on!

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