Adventure Time Theme Park

Nate Murray from The Get a Little Weird Podcast joins the show! We’re both big time fans of Adventure Time and brainstorming an Adventure Time Theme Park was a blast.



12:38 Adventure Time Main Title–Adventure Time feat. Pendleton Ward

30:06 Remember You–Adventure Time feat. Olivia Olson & Tom Kenny

45:25 Secret Room–Adventure Time

50:28 Oh Fionn–Adventure Time feat. Neil Patrick Harris & Madeleine Martin

1:02:20 Party With the Chief–Adventure Time 

1:07:30 Susan Strong–Adventure Time feat. Jeremy Shada

1:12:21 Gooey Gangsta–Adventure Time feat. Biz Markie

1:23:17 Monster–Adventure Time feat. Olivia Olson & Half Shy

1:27:10 Movie Filming Time–Adventure Time 

1:34:15 Rude–MAGIC!

1:35:31 Island Song (Come Along with Me)–Adventure Time feat. Ashley Eriksson