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JojoLands: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Theme Park

David and Jordan from Shonen Flop join the podcast to brainstorm a Jojo’s Theme Park! Music: 10:43 ジョジョ その血の記憶〜END OF THE WORLD–JO☆STARS 〜TOMMY,Coda,JIN〜 20:34 Bloody Stream–Coda 25:34 Roundabout–Yes 27:44 I Want You–Savage Garden  30:17 Fighting Gold English Ver.–Coda 35:10 Uragirimonono Requiem – Diavolo Ver.–Yugo Kanno  38:37 CRAZY NOISY BIZARRE TOWN–THE DU

Made in Abyss Theme Park

Joe from Brave World Anime returns to the podcast, this time bringing the amazing horror/adventure anime Made in Abyss! This episode was recorded live at Wasabi Con Online 2020.   All songs are from the Made in Abyss Soundtrack by Kevin Penkin   6:52 To the Abyss 22:57 Those Everyday Feels 31:41 Prayer and Immolation … Continue reading Made in Abyss Theme Park

Final Fantasy XIV Theme Park

Victoria Jeon brings the amazing MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV to Amusement Sparks! Music featured in this episode: 3:15 Solid (from Heavensward) — Masayoshi Soken 19:45 Black and White (from Heavensward) — Masayoshi Soken 51:07 Freefall (from THE FAR EDGE OF FATE) — Masayoshi Soken 59:45 Grounded (from THE FAR EDGE OF FATE) — Masayoshi Soken … Continue reading Final Fantasy XIV Theme Park

Ace Attorney Theme Park

Maddie Copp (@othatsraspberry) joins to design an Ace Attorney Theme Park! The Law has never been so fun!! Music in this episode: 12:03 Time For a Great Turnabout–Capcom Sound Team (From The Great Ace Attorney: The Adventure of Ryūnosuke Naruhodō)  15:35 Reasoning Battle: Behind the Scenes (Partners Story)–Yasumasa Kitagawa (From The Great Ace Attorney 2: … Continue reading Ace Attorney Theme Park