Wes Anderson Theme Park

The one and only Alan Denton joins for a quaint and quirky journey through the Wes Anderson oeuvre as we weave together a dream theme park!


Music in this episode:

4:09 Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard–Paul Simon (From The Royal Tenenbaums)

15:40 The Way I Feel Inside–The Zombies (From The Life Aquatic)

31:26 Hardest Geometry Problem in the World–Mark Mothersbaugh (From Rushmore)

37:55 These Days–Nico (from The Royal Tenenbaums) 

50:35 Staralfur–Sigur Ros (From The Life Aquatic) 

1:01:18 Simple Symphony, Op.4: “Playful Pizzicato”–Benjamin Britten (From Moonrise Kingdom)

1:09:30 Mr. Moustafa–Alexandre Desplat (From The Grand Budapest Hotel)

1:13:17 Second Crash-Landing + Bath House + Beach Attack–Alexandre Desplat (From Isle of Dogs)

1:23:26 Where do you go to my lovely–Peter Sarstedt (From The Darjeeling Limited)