Tokusatsu: The Japanese Special Effects Theme Park!

Kihp from Kamen Ride With Me joins to design our Tokusatsu Theme Park! Tokusatsu is a Japanese term for special effects–this tree of genres includes basically anything with a lot of special effects, from Godzilla to Power Rangers and far beyond. This episode is ideal for fans of kaiju, action figures, and giant robots.



9:52 Destroy All Monsters–Akira Ikufube

19:46 Zordon Awakes–Brian Tyler

35:23 Susume! Gorenger–Isao Sasaki, Mitsuko Horie

45:08 Go Go Power Rangers–Ron Wasserman

50:43 Godzilla, Anguirus vs. Defense Squad–Akira Ikufube

1:03:52 Kamen Rider Build Opening: Be The One–PANDORA feat. Beverly

1:11:08 Mothra’s Song–FalKKonE

1:28:45 Over “Quartzer”–Shuta Sueyoshi, ISSA