Over the Garden Wall

Over the Garden Wall gets the Amusement Sparks treatment! Shout out to Justine and Larisa from Starship Therapise for all the design work and excellent conversation. Check out their podcast and book coming out in May! Preorder here 🙂 

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Music used in this episode:

9:37 Adelaide Parade–The Blasting Company

23:39 Old North Wind–The Blasting Company 

29:55 Potatoes & Molasses–The Blasting Company 

31:30 Ms Langtree’s Lament–The Blasting Company

42:05 Like Ships–The Blasting Company

54:32 Prelude–The Blasting Company

59:31  Into the Unknown (Intro)–Evetty

1:04:56 Black Train–The Blasting Company