Horror Theme Park feat. Scream Scene

Ben and Sarah from the Scream Scene podcast join the show! Together, we imagine an immersive Horror Theme Park. This is an all ages show, but in this episode, we definitely reference movies that are not for all ages. Happy Halloween!


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Music featured in this Halloween episode:

0:00 Amusement Sparks Original Theme. Andrew Spohn.

9:43 Creepshow. Prologue/Main Title. John Harrison

26:23 Halloween. Laurie’s Theme. John Carpenter

33:05 Psycho. Prelude. Bernard Herrmann.

41:56 A Nightmare on Elm Street. Main Title. Charles Bernstein.

46:45 Friday the 13th. Overlay of Evil/Main Title. Harry Manfredini.

50:08 It Follows. Detroit. Disasterpeace.

51:39 The Haunting of Hill House. Main Titles. The Newton Brothers.

1:02:28 and 1:05:06 Hellraiser. Resurrection. Christopher Young.

1:06:59 Color out of Space. The Gardners. Colin Stetson.

1:13:27 The Exorcist. Tubular Bells. Mike Oldfield.

1:27:49 Sinister. Main Theme. Christopher Young.

1:29:45 Amusement Sparks Original Theme. Andrew Spohn.