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Hyrule: The Legend of Zelda Theme Park (feat. @VideoGameDoc)

Dr. Anthony Bean joins Andrew to design a next generation, interactive, and immersive Legend of Zelda Theme Park!


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Chiptune Theme Park feat. @cheapshot James York

@cheapshot from the CheapBeats record label joins the podcast to design a Chiptune Theme Park! Join the process of turning this incredible music aesthetic into a visual world to explore.

This episode features a lot of music, check the transcript for track titles. Oh yeah, we have transcripts now–on!

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Super Mario Theme Park

What if the Super Mario universe was turned into a theme park? One without the limitations of budget, functionality, or tradition? Strap into the rainbow road transit as we brainstorm our dream Super Mario Theme Park!

Today’s guest is Jeff Ryan, author of Super Mario: How Nintendo Conquered America and A Mouse Divided.

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Kickstarter GiantLands Podcast Episode 3

GiantLands Kickstarter Live Now! Ends 12/13/2019

On this episode, Stephen and Andrew discuss:


Early Dungeons & Dragons

Creative Portfolios

Working with Legends

Rapid Prototyping

Making Videos

Grognards vs. Creatives: Different Play Styles.

The Transition from Wargaming to Role Playing

Uncharted Territory feat. @johnathonoscar

The incredible action/adventure video game series serves as inspiration for this theme park. @johnathonoscar, codesigner of our Portal and Bioshock them parks, joins to create this super fun concept.

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